Irina S. Kononenko, Irina R. Akhmadeeva, Elena A. Sidorova

A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems

Annotation of the corpus of Russian-language popular science texts is discussed. Particular attention is paid to the annotation scheme, in which the objects of annotation are not only pragmatic and semantic aspects of argumentation, but also their linguistic indicators. The presentation of argumentation indicators in the form of lexical and lexical-grammatical patterns is proposed, which are automatically generated from a marked-up fragment of text, and then, if necessary, are manually specified by an expert based on the results of a search in the corpus and analysis of all relevant fragments. The resulting dictionary of indicators is used to search and automatically highlight indicators of argumentation in unannotated text.

ontology of argumentation, argumentation annotation, argumentation scheme, argumentation indicator, ontological model of text markup, lexicon of indicators